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Publication contracts of the HSU (only in German)
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Since 1st June 2021:

  • Your uploaded pdf file will be given a standard identifier by the University Library that is uniform for openHSU. e.g. openHSU_1234.
  • Files already included are not changed.

Publish in openHSU

Members of Helmut Schmidt University can publish and archive their scientific documents, such as theses, dissertations, preprints, reports, free of charge in the Research Information System openHSU. Furthermore, only metadata can be entered via the form in order to display a complete publication list in your researcher profile. You can maintain your complete publication list in openHSU and at the same time make a valuable contribution to the further development of the University Bibliography. Please select the collection „Publications of the HSU Researchers“ for publications that were created during your time at HSU and the collection „Publications of the HSU Researchers (before HSU)“ for publications that were published before your time at HSU.

The publications and metadata contained in openHSU are searchable and accessible worldwide via search engines.

Publish your dissertation

Would you like to publish your dissertation in accordance with the doctoral regulations?

To login to openHSU, please use your HSU- or library-ID. After successfully login, you can upload on one’s own initiative your scientific publications:

  • Fill out the online form and upload your document (PDF or PDF/A).
  • Use meaningful keywords.
  • After verification by a member of staff, the document is released.
  • Important:
    • Please submit the final version of your dissertation without CV.
    • Changes are no longer possible once a DOI has been assigned.

Publication contracts of the HSU

To publish your publication in openHSU, fill out the publication form and upload your document. In addition, send the signed publication contract by post to the University Library „attn. Frau Redel“ Holstenhofweg 85, 22043 Hamburg or scanned by email to openaccess@hsu-hh.de.

Please note: All contracts are in German only.

After submitting the contract, your document will be unlocked by the University Library. The final activation can take up to 48 hours. The University Library reports the electronic publication to the German National Library. There it will be registered with the associated metadata and archived for the long term. Finally we issue the certificate, that you have published your dissertation and send it to your faculty administration.

If you would like to publish your doctoral thesis or another publication written at HSU and you are an external postgraduates or a former or visiting researcher without HSU-ID?
Please send us the publication with all associated data and information by email. We will arrange for the publication in openHSU.


Questions about Open Access or the Research Information System openHSU – write an email to: